Our tree service located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota offers up a variety of solutions you may need done with the trees surrounding your home. This wide variety of services can be enjoyed in Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Shoreview, Blaine, Ham Lake, and many more northern suburbs.  Joey D’s Tree Service has options you can choose from depending on what you need done on your trees.

Tree Trimming

There are quite a few reasons to have your trees trimmed. If you have a few trees around the home, check them from time to time to find out if it is time for you to call for tree trimming Coon Rapids, Minnesota services. Here are some of the main reasons that homeowners call for tree trimming experts:

  • It makes the area safer. Tree branches that have become too long and have broken can become a hazard to the surrounding areas. Any dead branches can easily fall down from the tree and can hit anyone standing nearby. Trees can also be a hazard if they are growing too close to the utility lines.
  • It can make a tree look better. Some homeowners would like their home and surrounding trees to look a certain way. If this is the case, tree service Coon Rapids, Minnesota can improve the landscaping of the area.
  • Improving the growth of the tree. Tree trimming can also help the tree grow well. It can fix some of the branches that are hitting together as well as thinning out a tree that is growing too thickly.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is also available at Joey D’s Tree Service for those who need it. This service is mostly done for trees and shrubs, but it generally has the same benefits as tree trimming.  Pruning is the term generally used for shrubs and hedges.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Other services available for homeowners with trees around include tree removal. There are also different reasons to remove a tree. Some trees are disruptive to the house structure and needs to be removed to maintain integrity. Other trees are sick and dying so it is also better to remove them. Tree removal can leave an unsightly stump that can be taken away by grinding.

Call Joey D’s Tree Service professionals at 612.978.7052 and let use help you improve the quality of your trees!